Monday 7 March 2022

Monday 7 March 2022

Welcome to our new weekly round up of all things fishing on the Sunshine Coast. As a new, local family owned and operated business, we are excited to be contributing fishing news and tips for Coolum Advertiser readers. 

Recent weather on the Sunshine Coast has resulted in flooding of rivers and creeks and has dumped huge amounts of freshwater in estuaries. Floods change the balance of our waterways, but that doesn’t always mean the fish aren’t biting.

Visibility in most waterways is poor at the moment, which can be advantageous for the persistent fisherman or woman as the fish are less likely to be disturbed by what’s going on above water. Look out for Mangrove Jacks as their keen senses allow them to roam in murky waters. Whiting and Bream are also in plentiful supply around islands and smaller land formations. Live bait, soft plastics and diving hardbody lures will all do the trick. If using lures, make sure to use scent.

If you’re looking for live bait, estuaries and river mouths tend to be good spots as bait fish get pushed there during floods. Look for changes in water colour from fresh to salt for the prime spot to cast your net.  

Grab the crab pots as heavy rain and flooding washes crabs out of their hiding spots. They’ll be on the move searching for deeper holes, so get the pots in overnight for your best chance. Try mullet or fish frames for bait. 

Offshore fishing still isn’t great with debris still causing problems. Those who have made it out have managed a few quality Snapper, Sweetlip and Pearl Pearch. 

By far the most successful lure we've seen in store over the last few weeks is the new Pro Lure Clone Prawn. For more tips or to tell us about your latest catch, call in to our new store at 311 David Low Way, Bli Bli for a chat and to check out our range. 

 Photo: Kai Aiken, 7, catching a nice Bream at the Cod Hole in Maroochydore.