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Monday 16 April 2022

Another week, another flood! The weather gods have certainly decided to wreak havoc on fishos again over the last couple of weeks. While we wait for the weather to improve, it's a great time to check over your gear in preparation for your next big catch. 
Rod and reel maintenance is vital to ensure your equipment stays in tip top condition and to extend the lifespan of your gear. The number one rule is to make sure you wash your rod after fishing in freshwater or saltwater. A gentle rinse with the hose should do it - don't ever soak or submerge your reel, no matter how dirty! Make sure your rod is completely dry before storing. If you won't be using your gear for some time, we'd recommend investing in a rod and reel cover. 
Reels will benefit from oiling and regreasing regularly, but if you're unsure what to do, we would recommend coming into the shop for some advice before pulling it into a million pieces! You can also drop in your reel to be professionally serviced. 
If your rod is in need of minor repairs, we stock rod guides and repair kits for do it yourself repairs. For the trickier jobs or for those who are unsure what to do, we can get your rod professionally repaired for you at a great price. 
You can check out our repair and maintenance range at or drop in and see us at 311 David Low Way, Bli Bli.
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