Balista Hunchback 90 LED Vibrating Motor Lure

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The Hunchback 90 has an epic surface crawling action designed for one thing only – to target big surface feeding Murray Cod. In conjunction with the hook-up specific design of the lure we fit the Hunchback out with super sharp BKK 3X trebles for big strength as well as further promoting excellent hook up rates.

Also featuring a clip off bib which makes for convenient storage, any Murray Cod surface crawler with a bit of size is next to impossible to store in a standard tackle box making the clip off bib super handy.

* 90mm Surface crawler
* Clip off bib
* Super realistic colours
* New Hunchback’s have tails painted for perfect LED brightness at night
* Ultra sharp BKK hooks

Length: 90mm 
Weight: 28g
Hook: #1/0