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Bassday Sugar Minnow 70 Slim Suspending Lure

by Bassday
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The Bassday Sugar Minnow Slim is a floating narrow baitfish profile designed to realistically imitate a dying baitfish.The lure is 70mm in length, weighs 3.5 grams and courtesy of a shifting ball bearing weight system, casts well given its profile and light body. The lure runs with a wide action with a slow wobble just like a fish on its last legs.

Diving to about one meter, the Sugar Minnow Slim is the perfect imitation for estuary baitfish and can be used effectively in areas with sandflats interspersed with weed beds. Freshwater fishermen targeting trout will also find it a very useful lure in streams and locked waterways.

Style: Suspending
Size: 70mm
Weight: 3.5g
Depth: 1.0m
Action:Wide slow wobble