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Berkley Gulp Twin Tail Minnow 3" Soft Plastic Fishing Lure CLEARANCE ALL $5

by Berkley
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The Gulp! Twin Tail Minnow has more moves than a bowl of worms! A minnow profile with a set of twin tails that flutter and swim at any speed. Based on the crazy legs jerkshad, we’ve down sized this deadly concept to bite sized 3 and 4 inch models. With 400X more scent dispersion that a plastic bait the Twin Tail is packed with Gulp! scent to trigger more strikes. Available in 8 colours including natural and high vis variations so you can match the hatch. New shape – locally developed New profile in the smaller minnow pattern, one of Australia’s most popular lures. Based on Crazy Leg Jerkshad with deeper belly profile. Lively trailing tail for added action to entice the bite. Perfect estuary bait.