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Berkley Powerbait 2" Drop Shot Minnow Fishing Lure $5 CLEARANCE SALE

by Berkley
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The Berkley Powerbait Dropshot Minnow has been around for years, and is still one of the most popular soft plastics on the market. They can be used just about anywhere - estuaries, reefs, bluewater, freshwater or impoundments. No tackle box should be without these classic fish catchers that are still winning bream and bass tournaments to this day. The profile of this soft plastic is so life-like, that when retrieved like a wounded baitfish, there are not too many fish that can resist gulping it down.

You can work them across the surface, cast them up against structures, like pontoons, and let them slowly float down. You can even try letting them sit on the bottom and dead-sticking them, as fish sometimes will just pick it up and swim away.

PowerBait soft plastics are scented and flavoured with the exclusive PowerBait formula that is uniquely infused into the plastic itself.