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Chasebaits Ripple Cicada 43mm Surface Lure CLEARANCE

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The all new Ripple Cicada is a soft-hollow bodied crawling topwater lure available in 7 unique colour patterns. The rippled body, with UV enhancements, produce wave motion action in the water that fish see and feel with their lateral lines. The naturally realistic head includes antennae and prominent "strike-point" eyes.  The clear wings have proprietary glitter-flash UV enhancements and skeletal outlines for increased visibility and realism.

The Ripple Cicada is manufactured with tough ABS plastic for strength yet soft and realistic enough to entice fish to hang on longer. 2 BKK treble hooks are located on the belly and tail for solid hook sets.  The rear tail treble hook also includes a feathered hackle dressing for extra flash and action.