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Dragon Vario Spoon 25g Fishing Lure

by Dragon
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Dragon Vario Spoon is a hybrid lure which combines the features of spoon and wobbler. Its construction categorize it to the group of spoons but the technology of workmanship and usage references the wobbler. Vario Spoon looks very natural in the water and the interesting range of holographic colours imitate scales. It has great casting parameters, it can be casted at the distance of 50 - 60 m. Even during strong and aggressive fishing it never falls into a spin around its own axis and does not twist the line.

Vario Spoon may be used in different ways: Slow and fast, stable pace or dynamic jerks. Optimal for this lure are shallow rivers or lakes (2 to 10 ft.). When you want to fish it deeper, you should let the lure to fall to the bottom and then jerk it with short movements of the tip when slowly retrieving the line. During tests it was good with trolling when slight load on the rig was put, then it was possible to lead it at depths of 3 to 5 m, at boat's speed of 2.5 - 3.5 km/h.

- 45g
- Holographic emerald perch design
- 1 x treble hook