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Jackall Super Eruption 3/4oz Spinnerbait Fishing Lure

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The Jackall Super Eruption 3/4oz is the bigger brother to the Super Eruption Jnr. This larger spinnerbait differs by having an upgraded .8mm stainless steel wire and 2 reverse tear drop willow blades. These baits are ideal for targeting larger bass, yellow belly or Murray cod when they are holding deeper or tight to structure. The flash and vibration caused from the double willows can annoy a fish into a strike has been very successful when fishing heavily fished waters.

The over-sized hook and longer skirt allow the angler to use straight from the packet or attach a trailing soft plastic like the Jackall B-Crawl Flapper 3.8 of Jackall Rhythm Wave to bulk out the profile.

A steady retrieve is all that is needed with this spinner bait making it ideal for both seasoned and first time anglers.