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Lucky Craft Chinu Shad 55 Fishing Lure

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The newest addition to the Lucky Craft “estuary range”, the Chinu Shad is quickly making waves in the bream scene. What makes this lure unique is its ability to get down to depths other hard bodies can’t, yet maintain a tight, precise action.

Bream, bass, perch, flathead love these little lollies. In the freshwater, golden perch, redfin, sooty grunter and jungle perch can’t get enough of them. Getting down to a depth of 3 metres, the Chinu Shad can be slow rolled along drop offs and rock bars, or fished in shallow water, bumping the bottom and puffing up sand and mud to look like a fleeing baitfish.

They swim best when a small split ring is attached to the eye of the lure, or a loop knot is used. With an awesome “Australian Designed” colour range, you can see why the Chinu Shad is a fan favourite for targeting fish other lures simply can’t imitate.

Length: 55mm

Weight: 5.7g

Type: Slow Floating

Depth: 3m

Made in Japan