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Plano Edge Flex Crankbait 3700 Tackle Tray

by Plano
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Granting anglers the ability to completely customize their crankbait storage, the Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait 3700 Box combines the secure stowing capabilities of the EDGE Crankbait box with the customization opportunities of the EDGE Flex box. This unique collision of two innovative storage solutions allows you to build one, do-it-all crankbait tackle box that is powered by Plano’s patent-pending Crankbait Catcher system.


In addition to the Crankbait Catcher system that holds your favorite plugs with a unique silicone finger divider system, the Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait 3700 Box also relies on Plano’s Flex technology by making the silicone fingers adjustable. With 28-Crankbait Catcher divider systems, you can move, reconfigure, or remove as many of the Catchers as you want for the ultimate personalized storage platform. Store your favorite Cranks, Lipless Cranks, or even tools with the adaptable Plano EDGE Flex Crankbait 3700 Box.


Dimensions: 14” x 9” x 2.75”