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The Yobbo and Lil' Yobbo Hat - Fishing, Camping Sun Smart Hat

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Sun Smart and Stylish the Yobbo hat will set you apart from all of your friends! Designed to look like a hat that has stood the test of time, before you have even put it on, the Yobbo Hat is super comfortable to wear and indestructible. The basic hat shape will come back even after it has been crushed into a ball to fit under the front seat of your 4WD or wet as you sat relaxing with a mate having a beer in the shallows at your favourite watering hole.

Made from 100% Australian wool the hat comes in ‘one size fits all’ and can be shrunk, similar to a wool jumper, through the use of water and warm air like a hair or clothes dryer. Great for camping, fishing, working or heading to a music festival.

  • Sun Smart and Stylish
  • Indestructible
  • 100% Australian Wool

Adults Yobbo Hat
Brim Size: 7cm
Crown Size: 59cm

Kids Lil' Yobbo Hat
Brim Size: 5.5cm
Crown Size: 52cm