The Tilsan Barra is the most versatile timber lure ever made. From dead slow twitch retrieve in the snags, to a super fast troll out wide, the Tilsan Barra Lure can handle it all. With its centreline design stainless steel frame and Tilsan’s unsurpassed quality, the Tilsan Barra is a must-have in every serious fisherman’s tackle box. If you’re after a lure that does the lot, you can’t go past the Tilsan Barra.

Quality below the surface! Tilsan lures are neutrally buoyant, making it an exceptional lure choice designed for casting at snags and structure. Shaped from a high density timber body and complimented with a specially developed plastic coating, the four unique Tilsan lure designs (Minnow, Bass, Barra and Big Barra) all feature a tough polycarbonate swim lip and centre line designed stainless steel frame.

Use this lure for exciting sight fishing using a “twitch and stop” retrieve near the surface.

Tilsan Barra Specs

Product Name TB80
Trolling Speed 1-7 Knots
Weight 16 Grams
Length 80mm, 3.1 Inches
Hooks #2 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Applications Casting, Trolling
Buoyancy Slow Floating