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Thursday 23 March 2023

Thursday 23 March 2023

Welcome to the weekly Sunshine Coast fishing report. After perfect conditions last weekend, this weekend is looking just as good with minimal swell and light winds.

Offshore anglers have had great success this week. Glenn from Deep End Charters at Mooloolaba reported lots of snapper, pearl perch, tuskfish and grassy sweetlip being caught at the Barwon Banks. Spotty mackerel are in good numbers at the moment and the Spanish mackerel season has just reopened, making it a great time to get out on the boat. If you’re after spotty mackerel, Glenn recommends a slow floated pillie on a ganged hook with wire trace. Another option is to paravane troll. To target Spanish mackerel, slow trolling with dead or live baits when the boat is just in gear is a good option. Halco Laser Pro DD or Rapala Magnums are the pick of the lures. 

Smithy from Smithys Fishing Charters at Mooloolaba reported catches of black marlin from the 50m line to the Hards, tuskfish and hussar on the Barwon Banks and mahi mahi at the FADs. Mixed tuna schools including mack tuna, longtail and the occasional yellowfin have been seen from Kawana to Brays Rock. 

The Noosa and Maroochy rivers have been consistent with good catches of flathead, bream, mangrove jacks and whiting. Twin Waters has been a hot spot this week with catches of golden trevally, tarpon and long nosed trevally.

Our lure of the week is the Pro Lure Clone Prawn. This little beauty is one of our best sellers, consistently bringing in big catches up and down the coast. Available in three sizes 62mm, 93mm and the new 120mm, it's a versatile bait that can be rigged in many ways. Using subtle twitches and pauses, cast it near structures like pylons, jetties, bridges and rock walls to reel in bream, bass, whiting, mangrove jack, flathead, and barramundi. Check them out in store or on our website.

We hope you have a great weekend of fishing and we'll see you again next week with our latest fishing report. Remember to drop in and see us at 311 David Low Way in Bli Bli, or check us out online at

Tight lines!

Trent and Corinne, Bait Master Fishing and Tackle


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