About Us

Recreational fishing has recently seen a boost in participation rates across Australia due to COVID-19 related restrictions including border closures limiting travel. Many younger Australians including young families are fishing for the first time and need expert advice and guidance that big brand chain stores do not always provide. Large chain stores often hire staff lacking real industry experience. Smaller fishing and tackle stores are generally owned by older business operators.

As younger business owners with practical experience, we cater to all fishermen, with a particular focus on beginners, juniors, young families and women and girls.

We recently purchased Mike’s Fishing and Tackle, which was previously located on Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore. Along with opening in a new location on the beautiful Maroochy River at Bli Bli, we’ve rebranded and now operate as Bait Master Fishing and Tackle.

Bait Master Fishing and Tackle is a family owned business operated by husband and wife team, Trent and Corinne Aiken. The team also includes Trent and Corinne’s three sons, Tyson, Dylan and Kai. Trent has been a keen fisherman since he was a child growing up on the east coast of Tasmania. His passion for fishing has been passed on to youngest son Kai, who you’ll often see managing the Bait Master store! Corinne has worked in the management, planning and funding sector of the sport and recreation industry for over a decade and has a passion for involving more women and girls in fishing.