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Bait Aerators

Bait Aerators


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    Rapala RCD Floating Aerator

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    Water activated RCD Floating Aerator starts automatically when it's in contact with water. Sleek, modern design offers compact size with big perfor...

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Enhance the vitality of your live bait with our range of Fishing Aerators, essential for maintaining oxygen levels in bait tanks and containers. Designed for anglers who use live bait, these aerators are crucial in keeping baitfish healthy and lively, increasing their effectiveness when fishing.

Our collection of aerators features various models, from compact, portable units ideal for small bait buckets to larger, more powerful options suitable for extensive bait tanks. These aerators are engineered to provide efficient aeration, ensuring a consistent supply of oxygen which is vital for the survival of live bait in enclosed spaces.

Ease of use and reliability are key aspects of our aerators. With features like battery-operated designs and quiet operation, they are perfect for use in a variety of fishing environments. Some models also come with adjustable air flow settings, allowing you to customize the oxygen levels based on the quantity and type of bait you’re storing.

Durability is also a focus, with our aerators built to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in fishing environments. This ensures a long-lasting and dependable performance, whether you're fishing in... ...Read More