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Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Eyewear

Tonic Eyewear Sunglasses are designed with the needs of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, offering advanced polarized lens technology for superior vision in various light conditions. The brand prides itself on producing some of the finest sunglass optics, particularly suited for the harsh Australian environment.

Key features of Tonic Eyewear Sunglasses include:

  1. Polarization and Custom Light Filtration: The sunglasses are equipped with a polarizing filter and a custom-made light filtration system, enhancing clarity and color enhancement. This is particularly beneficial for anglers, as it provides unsurpassed clarity and helps in spotting fish and underwater structures more easily.

  2. Crystalite Glass: Tonic Eyewear uses Crystalite Glass, touted as the clearest glass lens currently available. This material ensures maximum clarity for the wearer.

  3. SliceLens Technology: The brand features the remarkable SLICELENS in their Gen2 range, which is only 1.7 mm thick and 35% lighter than normal industry products. This thinness offers comfort, allowing the sunglasses to be worn all day without feeling heavy.

  4. Decentration: Each lens is decentred, which is crucial for true depth perception and accurate distance viewing.... ...Read More