Atomic Hardz K9 Bulldog 80 Floating Lure

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A larger offering for surface fishing, the K9 Bulldog features a loud internal rattle, attracting fish from a wide distance. The profile encourages a "'walk the dog'' action without too much input from the angler making it ideal for anglers new to this style of fishing. Effective year round, fish will launch themselves at the K9 Bulldog. It can be effective over sand flats where seasoned pros will use it to attract fish or in close to overhanging trees.

Style: Floating
Size: 80mm
Weight: 7.3G
Action: Walk the dog
Depth: Surface

bream, bass, flathead and whiting
Surface lures are ideal for the warmer months. Bream will readily hunt in the shallows and whiting will prowl sand banks in numbers looking for baitfish and prawns. In summer bass will also rise to any surface presentation. Target areas include weed beds, sand flats and even the shallows of estuaries or canal systems.
• Estuary outfits in maximum 4-10lb range will yield best results when casting. Braided lines with a mono leader will be best for this. Mono floats and will keep the lure on the surface.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• Over flats and areas where a long cast is necessary, a longer rod will help. Cast downwind and use the wind for that all important distance.
• Use plenty of pauses for bream and wind fast for whiting are the general rules. A pause for several seconds is not out of the question for bream.
• Learn how to walk the dog. This is a classic surface retrieve which involves wobbling the rod tip as you wind. This has the lure jerking from side to side.
• Fish are clumsy, so to improve your chances, change the rear treble for an Atomic assist hook or Gamakatsu Wide Gape treble.