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Atomic Hardz Vib 60mm Rattle Lure

by Atomic
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Atomic Hardz Vib 60mm Rattle Lure

The Vib has been carefully balanced to produce a straight and true action, capable of handling multiple retrieve speeds. So finely is it balanced that we have achieved the unthinkable and produced a lure that displays a tight wobble at speed and a slow seductive meander at slower speeds, making it perfect for freshwater anglers who will love the slow action for inactive feeders such as yellowbelly and bass.

Type: Rattle
Length: 58mm
Weight: 10.4g
Action: Vibration

Bream, bass, estuary perch, snapper, yellowbelly, jewfish, barra
The Atomic Vib is a hard bodied vibration lure capable of being used at multiple depths. It comes in three sizes and has a tight wobble at speed. It is forward weighted for a slow meander on the drop. This makes it perfect for impoundments and offshore.
• The vib style lure is a perfect searching lure. It casts long and can be worked back to the boat with a steady retrieve, stop, start retrieve or an erratic hop off the bottom
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• This lure is not ideal for very snaggy territory as it will get stuck at some point. Know your depth and work it just above any snags.
• Yoyo-ing the lure up and down close to a tree or snag can be effective and will often illicit a strike.
• An easy way to steer clear of snags is to tie the hooks together and drop the lure over the side. Count till it hits the bottom. You now know how long you have before you get stuck.
• Bycatch is common with vibes. They are very effective and allow you to work at all depths