Atomic Semi Hardz Soft Pop 75 Lure

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Atomic Semi Hardz Soft Pop 75mm Lure

The Atomic Semi Hardz range is expanding with the addition of a soft touch, extremely life-like popper. The new lure will come in at 50mm and 75mm modelled of the extremely popular Pop 50 in the Hardz range.

The new construction is a soft, hollow rubber with a hard face. The lure will spit water forward like a normal popper, but it will be the construction of the body, in a soft, real feel design that will see fish coming back again and again.

The new lure will sit alongside the existing rubber vib and minnow lures and will be the start of an expansive range in this new construction.

It is available in ten of the Atomic colours you have come to love.

Semi Hardz Pop 50, Length: 50, Weight: 4.6 grams
Semi Hardz Pop 75, Length: 75, Weight: 10.2 grams