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Keitech Crazy Flapper 4.4" Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

by Keitech
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colour: 407-Delta Craw


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Keitech Crazy Flapper 4.4"

For anglers who are looking for a larger, more versatile soft plastic bait, the Keitech Crazy Flapper 4.4" is your go-to choice. This bait is one of Keitech's newest soft plastic shapes and is designed to make a significant impact on your fishing experience.

Unmatched Action

As the name suggests, the Crazy Flapper's action in the water is truly unbelievable. Its uniquely shaped wings pulsate with even the slowest movement, and the two appendages off the rear give even more movement to an already lifelike bait. This makes it an ideal bait for various fishing conditions and techniques.

Made in Japan: Quality and Durability

Crafted in Japan, this soft plastic lure is made from dual-injected PVC material, ensuring both durability and a lifelike action. Infused with squid scent, it's a lure that fish find hard to resist.

Versatile Rigging Options

Whether you're into soft plastic jigging, using a running sinker rig, or opting for a paternoster rig, the Crazy Flapper 4.4" seamlessly fits into your fishing setup. Its user-friendly design ensures quick and easy rigging, allowing you more time to focus on landing that big catch.

Available Sizes and Customization

The Crazy Flapper series is available in multiple sizes: 2.8", 3.6", and 4.4". This larger 4.4" size allows for less weight and a slower fall, keeping the bait longer in the strike zone. It's a perfect imitation of a crawfish, yabby, or prawn and can be trimmed at the head to produce the perfect crab/prawn hybrid plastic, which is tremendously effective for Bream fishing.

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Reviews and Videos

Don't just take our word for it; check out the reviews and videos showcasing the Crazy Flapper 4.4" in action. You'll quickly see why this bait is a favorite among serious anglers.


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