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MOLIX Glide Bait 178mm Lure

by Molix
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colour: #481 Dark Gill Orange Belly

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A step forward in the glide baits wonder world. It’s a realistic and authentic baits moulded from an hand carved mother samples. It produces a realistic curve action when slow retrieved, but can get erratic and dart up-down-back with a jerking retrieve. The Molix Glide Bait is fitted with two swiveling ultra sharp treble hooks to resist with the most Big Bass fighting, realistic soft fins and 3D custom eyes. This is the glide’s you need to have for the big predators hunting.

The MOLIX Glide Bait 178mm Lure is a swimbait that can be used to catch a variety of large predatory fish species in Australia, both in freshwater and saltwater environments. Some common fish species that can be caught using this lure in Australia include barramundi, Murray cod, giant trevally, yellowtail kingfish, bass and redfish.

This lure is designed to mimic the movement of baitfish in the water, making it an effective option for targeting large predatory fish that are difficult to catch with other types of lures.

Weight: 75 g (2.3/4 oz)
Length: 17,8 cm (7 in)
Slow Sinking: 10 °C (50 °F)
Suspending: 15 °C (59 °F)
Floating: 20 °C (68 °F)