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Atomic Fishing Gear: Elevate Your Angling Experience

With over a decade in the industry, Atomic has become a household name for Australian anglers. Known for their cutting-edge designs and high-quality products, Atomic offers a comprehensive range of fishing gear that meets the needs of both novice and seasoned fishermen.

Why Choose Atomic?

  1. Quality and Performance: Each Atomic product is meticulously designed and tested to meet stringent quality standards.
  2. Versatility: From hardbody lures to soft plastics and jigheads, Atomic offers a diverse range of products for various fishing conditions.
  3. Innovation: Atomic's Semi-Hardz lures and Arrowz rod series are examples of the brand's commitment to innovation.
  4. Customization: With Atomic's Trick Bitz series, anglers can customize their lures to suit their specific needs.

Product Highlights

  • Atomic Hardz: Features tournament-winning lures like the Crank 38 series.
  • Atomic Plazos: Offers a wide range of soft plastic baits, including paddle tails and jerk minnows.
  • Atomic Seekerz: High-quality jigheads built on Gamakatsu hooks.
  • Arrowz Rod Series: High-performance rods featuring Fuji guides and reel seats.


  • What are the best Atomic lures for freshwater fishing?
    • Atomic offers a variety of lures designed for freshwater species.
  • How do I choose the right Atomic rod?
    • The Arrowz rod series offers options for different fishing conditions, from light estuary to heavy offshore.