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Keitech Collection: A Legacy of Excellence in Fishing

The Keitech Collection: Proven Performance, Unmatched Quality

Welcome to our Keitech Collection, a curated selection of premium fishing products that have gained global recognition for their effectiveness and quality. Founded in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of Japan's most successful tournament fishermen, Keitech has become a staple in tackle shops worldwide.

A Brief History

Kei Hayashi's vision was to create fishing lures and accessories that stood out for their action, balance, and durability. His expertise in tournament fishing laid the foundation for Keitech's innovative products. In 2009, Baden Sparrow, a well-known figure in East Coast Bass tournaments in Australia, became the sole importer of Keitech soft plastics and tungsten jig heads, further solidifying the brand's presence Down Under.

Why Choose Keitech?

  • Proven Performance: Keitech lures are designed with specific plastic densities for better balance and action.
  • Custom 2-Tone Color Process: Our lures feature a unique two-tone color process that mimics natural prey, increasing your chances of a successful catch.
  • Strong Squid Scent: The addition of a strong squid scent makes Keitech lures irresistible to fish.
  • Versatility: Whether you're fishing for bass, zander, pike, or perch, Keitech has... ...Read More