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Pontoon 21


Pontoon 21: Quality Lures for the Avid Angler

Experience the Craftsmanship of Pontoon 21: Where Quality Meets Affordability

When it comes to fishing, the lure is often the unsung hero. Pontoon 21 brings you Japanese-designed premium lures that don't compromise on quality. Each product is equipped with Owner hooks and finished to perfection, ensuring you have the best tools to catch that prized fish.

Why Choose Pontoon 21?

  • High-Quality Finish: Each lure is crafted to meet the highest standards.
  • Owner Hooks: No need to swap out hooks; our lures come standard with top-of-the-line Owner hooks.
  • Unique Designs: From the CrackJack to the Paco, each lure is designed for specific fishing conditions.
  • Affordable: Experience premium quality without the premium price tag.