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Tailor: Your One-Stop Shop for Tailor Fishing Gear

Welcome to our Tailor Collection, specially curated to provide you with the best fishing gear for targeting Tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix), one of Australia's most popular game fish. Whether you're a recreational angler or a seasoned pro, this collection offers a range of lures, tackle, and accessories designed to help you catch these aggressive feeders.

    About Tailor 

    Tailor are known for their distinctive elongated bodies, sharp teeth, and bluish-green coloring. They are typically found in schools and feed on small baitfish like whitebait, mullet, and pilchards. These fish are often caught from beaches, jetties, and rock platforms using lures such as metal slices, soft plastics, and poppers. They can also be caught using baited rigs, with popular baits including pilchards, squid, and fresh mullet fillets.


    • Is tailor a good fish to eat? Yes, Tailor is a popular choice for smoking or canning.
    • Which fish is known as tailor in Australia? The fish known as Tailor in Australia is scientifically called Pomatomus saltatrix.
    • What is the biggest tailor ever caught? The biggest Tailor caught weighed up to 10kg.
    • What is the best bait for tailor? Popular baits... ...Read More