The Halco Madeyes Mad Craw soft plastic bait is an ideal size at 2 inches. It is constructed with highly durable Rubber Stretch Technology (RST) and is guaranteed to withstand repeated strikes.

With 8 baits per pack, the Madeyes Mad Craw is designed with durable lifelike claws and feelers that naturally sit upward towards the surface, imitating a crab or yabby perfectly. The Madeyes Mad Craw is enhanced with natural squid scent.

With a slight rod twitch, the Mad Craw soft plastic bait comes to life. Body grooves and intricate legs create an enticing vibration and flutter with the smallest motion. The Rubber Stretch Technology used in the creation of this effective soft plastic lure increases floatation for bottom hopping when chasing bream, flathead & mulloway.

For best results, pair with Halco Catchscent.