The Halco Madeyes 3″ Flick Stick soft plastic lure can withstand repeated strikes because of it’s construction with the latest in Rubber Stretch Technology (RST). It is designed to replicate a darting baitfish, and the colour range is scientifically selected to target both fresh and salt water fish. This 3″ model in the Halco Madeyes soft plastic range is highly effective on a range of estuary and offshore species, and is ideal for bream, bluebone and mulloway.

3″ Flick Stick soft plastic by Halco Madeyes comes with 10 baits per pack. Constructed with Rubber Stretch Technology (RST), it can withstand repeated strikes from species like the incredibly feisty Black Bream, or the jaws of a Flathead.

This 3″ Flick Stick soft plastic imitates a darting baitfish, and the lure size is ideal for targeting inshore and estuary species like bream and whiting. This Flick Stick soft plastic bait is also available in the larger 5″ variety, ideal for snapper and kingfish.