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Hot Bite Raptor 30g Jig Fishing Lure

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The Hot Bite Raptor Jig Lure 30g is ideal for going after bass and other small species. This versatile jig is great for hopping across the bottom, reeling it vertically as a slow pitch jig, or even for a simple cast out and retrieve. The asymmetrical profile let’s it whip further through the air when casting. It’s a great addition to any angler’s kit when heading out for a spot of freshwater fishing in your local dams or rivers.
  • Cast out further with the asymmetrical bait fish profile
  • Centre-weighted keel is versatile for different ways of casting and retrieving
  • Hop it across the bottom or use it vertically as a slow pitch jig
  • Best suited for catching bass and smaller species
  • Removable light gauge treble hook to suit what you’re going after