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Jackall Chop Cut Jnr Topwater Fishing Lure

by Jackall
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$24.95 - $32.95
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The Jackall Chop Cut is a swisher style top water lure that uses its distinctive over-sized nose blades to create its action. These nose blades or propeller provide a high pitched noise when twitched or steady retrieved. They also allow the angler the ability to fish the lure in the strike zone for longer as this lure can be twitched and still produce an action that will trigger strikes from fish. With the off-set design of the propeller it also allows for a fast retrieve, the blooping sound and splash created can trigger some explosive strikes using this technique.

Originally designed for large mouth bass in Japan the Chop Cut is making a name for itself in Australia. It is deadly on river cod in the western rivers when targeting bank side vegetation and snags and on other top water feeders like large bass and saratoga.